Strategic Planning

rmc works with clients during the earliest stages of business planning, master planning, and program formulation to create a fully integrated comprehensive delivery strategy.  rmc analyzes business objectives, internal resources, and market risks; and in collaboration with our clients, leads and assists in development of business plans,  anticipated  resource requirements and financial models.  rmc also assists clients in developing capitalization strategies and securing funding commitments.  As plans progress data, analytics, financial forecasting and reporting systems are developed and implemented.

Development Management

When objectives have been identified, and a direction established, rmc works with clients to create operational plans, and manages the development of an integrated team of internal resources combined with third party designers, builders, specialty consultants, suppliers, and other internal and external stakeholders to promote proper evaluation of primary alternatives, tests of underlying assumptions, and efficient and proper execution.

Project Management

The rmc team leads and supports all planning, design, construction and operations start-up activities to create a comprehensively scoped, procured, managed and controlled project that meets business objectives, cost, schedule and quality requirements.

Program Management

A program is comprised of multiple projects linked together by a single business plan.  Program Management Services define, plan, integrate, implement, and control multi-faceted, phased, and multiple facility programs. By managing the collective effort rather than individual projects business objectives are enhanced and delivered more effectively.  Data, analytics, forecasting and reporting systems track the individual projects and the overall performance in relationship to the business model objectives.

Technical Stakeholder / Investor Services

rmc assists clients in making effective investment decisions; including, capital investments, resource re-alignment, acquisition, and divestment.  Supported is provided through best and highest use analysis, facility assessments, due diligence, feasibility analysis, discount cash flow projections, alternatives analysis, capital structure modeling, resource analysis, logistics planning and risk analysis.


rmc streamlines the client’s interface with critical information that enables proactive decision making.  rmc Data/Analytics/Forecasting services utilize information technology ranging from off the shelf products to custom-developed software that integrates with the clients’ technology platforms and information needs.

Operations Planning

Services help clients realize success “Day 1.”  By strategically planning for business operations, "Day 2" and beyond becomes a manifestation of all the planning and implementation undertaken during the project/program phases including the development of high performance staff training and long-term facilities management strategies.


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